Classes are coming! Classes are Coming!

8 Sep


When are your next classes? Is C2BQ still happening? Do you do private coaching? I want to make fancy costumes – do you teach that?

The New Century Follies are crafting our upcoming classes and want to know what Burlesque classes turn you on!

If you are interested in taking classes with us please take this:  short survey over at Survey Monkey

Let us know what sounds good to you!

xoxo Sweet Louise

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Gypsy Rose Lee: Rare Photos

15 Jul

Gypsy Rose Lee: Rare Photos

Stunning, surprising and fantastic behind the scenes photos of Gypsy!

Click the photo to follow to more photos on!


Sweet Louise

Mark Your Calendar: 8.24.13!

11 Jul
New Century Follies Ballyhoo Hullabaloo

New Century Follies Ballyhoo Hullabaloo poster by Damian Blake

Advance tickets On Sale Now!

Click here for advance Tickets through

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The New Century Follies:
August 24th “Ballyhoo Hulabaloo!”

August 24th The New Century Follies RETURNS to the historic Folly Theater featuring this STELLAR lineup:

Emcee Jessica Dressler as Dirty Dorothy as Lola Beedo!
Winner 2012 ‘Miss Viva Las Vegas’ Jeez Loueez (St. Louis)
Bellydance by…
Marie DeMars
Burlesque and comedy by…
Annie Cherry
Damian Blake
Sweet Louise
Opal Malone
Aerial feats and burlesque by…
Violet Vendetta
Moxie Dynamite
with pickup artiste…
Ruby von Blush
and more…
All backed by the LIVE sounds of
Peter Lawless and the Flawless Few

There is a cash bar!
Attendees must be 18 and over!
Doors open at 7:30! Come enjoy some fun in the lobby before the show… SHow at 8:30! Pre-show now featuring a PHOTOBOOTH, and LIVE VIDEO INTERACTION with the performers backstage!

This show also features Second Stage enhancements created and provided by VML (or on FB), so be sure to bring your smart phone or wireless tablet!

AFTER-PARTY at a location TBA!
Also, we encourage you to have a pre-show dinner and cocktail at The Majestic Steakhouse, for the perfect pairing!


Sweet Louise

BurlyCon HO! (With your Help!)

23 Oct

Saddle up you Sparkly Wonders! With Your help the WHOLE The New Century Follies team is headed west to BurlyCon!

Please click here to watch our goofy video (It’s completely safe for work) and make a donation!

Video Link

The New Century Follies is a collective of four diverse performing artists that are passionate about vaudeville and variety performing arts…

We are constantly seeking further educational opportunities to help us take our performance, teaching, and stage productions to the next level.

The best opportunity we have found for this kind of growth is BurlyCon.

BurlyCon is an annual burlesque educational convention that provides educational offerings, professional growth opportunities, and in-person social networking for the burlesque community.

The aim of the convention is to further the development and historical knowledge of this rare American art form that is experiencing a popular resurgence worldwide. Unlike other festivals and expos that highlight burlesque performance, this unique weekend-long gathering contains no show and no audience.

Rather, all activities at BurlyCon are focused on the behind-the-scenes components of Burlesque:

  • building skills
  • deepening knowledge,
  • and growing as a community.

Damian Blake, Sweet Louise, Opal Malone & Annie Cherry photo Credit Vixen Pin Up Photography

We LOVE performing for you.

We LOVE bringing new classes to you.

We Super Duper Love bringing incredible artists to share their gifts with us here in Kansas City.

Please help us get there so we nourish our burly brains and souls and bring all this goodness back to Kansas City.

Contribute to our modest Indigogo fundraiser – here’s the link: Send the New Century Follies to BurlyCon.


Sweet Louise, Annie Cherry, Opal Malone and Damian Blake

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How to Look at a Photo of Yourself – Lemons or Lies?

29 Aug

Really, Sweet Louise? We need a guide to looking at a photo of ourselves?

Yes. Yes, we do. 

Chances you’ve had a photo taken of you at some point in your life

A school photo. 

A candid photo.

Maybe you went to Glamor Shots.(Well, I’m just saying maybe you did.)

Maybe you’ve sat for a professional portrait for work.

Maybe you worked at a theme park and there are thousands of photos floating around in the world of you as a Disney Princess.

Maybe you hid from every camera you can ever remember but somehow now you decided to get on stage, cover yourself in glitter and fringe and Ba-BAMM someone was there to catch you in the act.

Maybe that happened – and now there are pictures to prove it.

I’ve got a plan.

Lemons & Lies

Follow me here – this’ll just take a moment.

Imagine you are wearing a pair of blue lens sunglasses.

On a sunny day, the sky would look extra blue. Your skin would have a bluish hue. Things would look different to you than they would to a person not wearing blue glasses. Yes? Yes.

Okay. So let’s say I hand you a lemon. What color would it be to you?


Which means that it would *LOOK* like a lime to you. But that’s a lie. The blue lenses are filtering the data your brain gets and creating a lie. That fruit in your hand is a lemon.

Now, without tasting or smelling it, the only way I could be convince you that it’s a lemon and not a lime (lie) is if you take the glasses off.

We do this all the time – mental health professionals call it a cognitive distortion.

When it comes to viewing photos of ourselves – I say – Take your sh*t colored glasses off before the view is ruined.

Lemons or Lies – it’s up to you.

I know that you all as a group have a wide range of experience looking at photos of yourself.  These are my suggestions and as with all unsolicited advice your mileage may vary. 

How to Look at a Photo of Yourself

STEP 1: Take off your Sh*t Colored Glasses. 

Yep. You read that correctly. Take em’ off.

How many times have you said – “OMG look at this amazing pic of you! ” to a friend only to be met with:

“…*sigh* of course they took it from that angle… look at X awful issue with my X body part.”


“HOLY CRAP that lighting was awful why does my face look like that?”


“I knew I should have done X to my costume/why did I wear that???”

Those are Sh*t colored glasses talking. These glasses turn everything into… that’s right… Sh*t.

“OH I just HATE seeing photos of myself. I always look awful.”

Oh really? Stop stealing all your joy by wearing those  Sh*t Colored Glasses. Take em’ off!  Life’s a lot more awesome when it doesn’t look like everything is covered with sh*t. 

(If you are really attached to your hate inducing sh*t lens glasses I promise you can put them back on again when we’re done – that’s your prerogative. However I suggest taking them off as often as possible until one day you’ll forget to put them back on because you’re too busy being awesome instead)

Glasses off? AWESOME.

*deep breath* Oh that was nice… I’m gonna do it again.


Before you read any further – stand up.

Wiggle a bit.

Now sit back down.


Here comes the JOY.

STEP 2: JOY! (aka Oh Em Gee That’s MEEEE!)


Look through the pictures first just to relive the experience. Just for the joy of it! 

Squee with pride and joy over how FABULOUS you are!

Wallow around in the joy.

Sweet Louise photo credit Thomas Cray

STEP 3: RESEARCH – Ask yourself What’s working here?

After you’ve looked through them just for fun… go back and treat all of them as research.

The ones that work and don’t work for you. For example: notice how your costuming reads (does it convey what you meant for it to? Why or why not?)

Your Research Data will fall in to the categories of working/not working for a multitude of reasons.  Maybe it’s a technical reason. Maybe those sh*t colored glasses crept back on your face. (And hey – you’ve probably heard of rose colored glasses too – those can distort the data as well)


  • the angle the photo was taken from
  • costuming/makeup/hair
  • lighting
  • staging


  • Our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves – again these attitudes and beliefs can make photos fall into either category

If you find yourself loving a particular photo – collect data.

What makes it “Work” for you? The angle? The look on your face? Your costume? What? Just notice.

What can you do to improve the likelihood that you’ll create this data again? Have that same friend who peer reviewed your routine help again in the future? Spend those few more minutes on your makeup/hair/costume? Relax before going on stage? What helped create this very moment that you now think “worked”?

If you find yourself not digging a photo – collect data. 

…and keep this in mind: If you find a shot that looks particularly awkward and you think

“Oh my god why am I making that face?” 

It takes less than a second to capture an image. Less than a second.

Likely, that facial expression never really happened in any memorable way during performance.

If you notice things “not working for you” take a look at the data. What information can you gather here – in a scientific way. What do you notice that isn’t adding up to the vision you had for this performance? (Keeping in mind that ONE IMAGE is not a reason to go ripping apart your costume/concept).




So you want to share these photos with the world?

YOU did the performance. SOMEONE ELSE took the photo. You BOTH get credit every time that photo goes public.

Proper credit looks like this:

Opal Malone, Annie Cherry & Sweet Louise. 2012             Photo credit Russ Matthews

If you want to get really thorough, name the act and location as well.

You worked hard to create the act. The photographer used their skill to capture and edit the photo. You both get credit.

A note on touch ups:

Know that airbrushing/touch ups may have been done. Some of you may dig this, some of you may not, some may not care – AND it’s very common in this area of performance and photography for touch ups to be made.  Reality may be that I had a giant zit on my chin – I hope my performance was compelling enough that the audience didn’t focus on that – I sure don’t want the remaining image of that performance to highlight the zit. No thank you. Likewise if a little cellulite gets smoothed in the process I’m not going to complain. By touch ups, I’m not talking about changing a silhouette.

Lemons, Lies and Joy Making

Lovers,  the world needs as much joy as we can muster. And if ever there were joy makers it’s burly folk. So when viewing photos of yourself take a moment to ask yourself – 

Am I seeing myself for the gorgeous sparkling lemon parfait that I am? Or am I perceiving a lie?

Cuz I think you are a yummy lemon parfait.


Sweet Louise

P.S. You can find a list of 15 Common Cognitive Distortions at

29 Jun

This article and the accompanying photos just made me swoon. Enjoy! xoxo Sweet Louise

Two New Classes!

26 Jun

TAKE C2BQ & “Accentuate the Positive” and go from THIS:

Lucille Ball and Mary Wicks in an episode of the I Love Lucy show.


Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance, Mary Wickes, Mary Jane Croft, Hazel Pierce, and Carole Cook in an episode of The Lucy Show.


Couch to Burly Q (C2BQ) 

On Facebook


Break a sweat, strengthen your body and learn classic burlesque moves! 

So about this burlesque business…If you’ve found yourself saying:

“Ooooh, I wish I could do that!”


“I want to do that!”

or maybe your “I wish…” is followed by…BUT

“Buuuuuuut…I’m too old…too out of shape…too heavy…too flat chested…too shy…too self conscious…not graceful…not sexy…not a dancer…not girly enough…can’t walk in heels…got no rhythm…”

*AHEM* If you wish it, if you want it, no matter how big or small your “but” is – This class is for you. 

No previous dance or burlesque experience needed. This is a movement class aimed at leveling up your strength, grace and confidence. So come get sweaty and get your groove on. This class is appropriate for all levels

Here’s what students are saying about this class: 

“LOVE everything about the movement class. Left feeling so super sexy and felt the burn… all the right places!”

“One of my best experiences ever. Before the class, and often during it, I felt so like I wasn’t sexy or graceful, and though the strictly physical stuff wasn’t too much of a challenge, so many of the movements were difficult and/or awkward for me. I still don’t think I have it all down, but I feel so much less awkward, and have been able to get out onstage and feel beautiful, graceful, and even sexy as a result of these classes! “

“The first time I took it- I sucked all over the place. I could have been easily discouraged, but as time went on I increased my core strength and acknowledged my limitations as temporary. Pushing through was the key to that class. … there is zero glamour (in the class) other than sexy sweating. ie: don’t come glammed up unless you want to sweat it off! “

What to wear/bring:

  • Wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable to move in. 
  • A pair of comfortable heels are recommended too, we’ll wear them for the last few minutes of class. (If you have character shoes or ballroom dance shoes these would be perfect)
  • Please bring a yoga mat/towel and a water bottle. 

Drop in’s welcome.

Single Classes are $15.

Discount Class Fee:

Discount Punch cards available in groups of 4 classes for $48 or 8 classes for $80. Register for  class via PayPal: thenewcenturyfollies at gmail dot com

Class Time:

Classes are ongoing, Monday nights 5:45pm -6:45pm 

New Century Follies National Academy of Vaudeville
@ The Arts Asylum (MAP)
1000 E 9th Street
Kansas City, MO

Park in the back and enter through the “Stage Door”, follow the signs and take the stairs up to our studio. 

Get off your couch. Come Burly-Q.


Accentuate the Positive: A Burlesque/Boudoir/Pin Up Posing Class


On Facebook


Come strike a pose with Sweet Louise! Gather pointers on body posture, presentation and poise!

Performers often have a mental image of what looks sensual and sexy and then find photographs do not reveal the vision they imagined they were creating. Pin up style posing and performance presentation often includes extreme angles and a different “physical vocabulary” than we use in our every day lives.

Inspired by her time as an artist’s model, Sweet Louise shares how to accentuate your beautiful lines and curves. While learning to move with confidence and grace, discover which poses, postures and positions are most flattering for you.

The most beguiling of performances/poses will fall flat if there is too much tension or lack of animation in the body or the face. Learn exercises to mobilize those facial muscles! Check that cheeky profile and give good face!

Join us for this 2 and a half hour workshop Saturday, July 14th from 10am – 12:30pm and level up your performance on stage or in front of the camera by accentuating the positive!

Students are saying:

It…” helped me hold my head higher and keep my back straighter when I’m walking. In other words, I have become more awesome.”

What to Wear:

Wear something comfortable to move in – yoga wear would be great. 

Suggested (but not required) to Bring:

– a pair of your performance shoes.
– a hand held mirror that will reflect your whole face (something larger than a compact please)

Class Level:

– This workshop is open to all levels from beginner to advanced.

Class Fee:

$45 Register for class via PayPal: thenewcenturyfollies at gmail dot com


New Century Follies National Academy of Vaudeville
@ The Arts Asylum (MAP)
1000 E 9th Street
Kansas City, MO

Park in the back and enter through the “Stage Door”, follow the signs and take the stairs up to our studio.

Questions? Please post here, or email us at thenewcenturyfollies  at gmail dot com


Sweet Louise

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